Friday, October 17, 2008

Silver Bracelet

In yesterday's post I showed a necklace that I made following a suggestion from Auntie's Beads. I mentioned that I while I might use directions from somewhere, the results are hardly ever the same as the example. This necklace was, however, the same. I was trying to learn something new. Later, I'll come up with something different from the same example.

The inspiration for this bracelet looks entirely different from the finished product. Back to my usual format. The only thing in this bracelet that looks like the inspiration is the silver curved tubes.

I tried to make it like the suggestion but it did not work out, just didn't look or fit together right. So, with a little maneuvering and adding some different beads, this is the results. Not bad!

Here is another view of the same bracelet:

The black beads are hematite, one of my favorite items to use in designs. Let me know what you think.
I just have to add: The Citgo sign caught on fire and, finally, so did the Red Sox last night. I have to admit we went to bed thinking it was all over but they pulled it off. If the Sox have to lose to anyone I'd like to see Tampa win, however. They are a great inspiring team. Last place last year and first in their division this year. A great turn around! Even Manny couldn't keep the Dodgers in the race. OK, now you all know my opinions on baseball!


  1. Hi Bev~
    How neat that you were there watching Les & I at the festival~
    This is what I love most about blogging.
    Thank you ~ we felt pretty proud of ourselves too~
    We are going to do it again next year~
    And~ your jewelry is Beautiful~
    I will be popping back to see your lovely work~
    And stay in touch till next summer :) ~Amy~

  2. Amy, I agree about blogging and the internet in general. I have a few VA Beach posts too with pictures you will recognize.
    Thanks for the nice complement on my jewelry. Bev

  3. This is just a fantastic idea. The use of curved beads in pairs is simple but clever. I love it!