Friday, May 8, 2009

New Pendant Necklace at 1000 Markets

Last Saturday, I went to the Divine Bead Show in Mansfield, MA. I was looking for something specific and pretty sure the vendors there would not have it. I was right. I wanted something with a hole large enough for a 1.5 - 2 mm leather cord. And most important, not expensive. The not expensive part does not match most of the vendors at that show.

Now this is not a complaint, just a fact. I'm trying to make some badge lanyards for my Lexie line of jewelry. My buddy, Melanie, came up with the idea and we had it all planned out. Even a great bead picked out. The order was placed and when it arrived everything came (plus those little things you add on to an order to meet minimum) except the beads for the lanyards. As they say back to the drawing board.

Fortunately, there is another bead show this coming weekend and I'll try again.

When you go to a bead show, you can not come home empty handed. So, I took another look around and found some really nice pendants. Complete with bails. What a bargain! I could have purchase many more beautiful pieces but the budget was saying "Not now, Bev"

Checking my inventory in one of my drawers, I found a nice piece of black ribbon and some black silk cord. Voila, a very nice pendant necklace. A quick trip to the local bead shop for finishing ends and it was done.

I particularly, like the endings I found. Not exactly sure what they are called but I've used the same type on my Kumihimo bracelets. I makes a very smooth professional looking finish.

I just listed it on my 1000 Markets site. You can see it at


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  1. I like those ends too...will have to find some :) The bail works really well with them and love the blue heart.