Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kumihimo / Nice Day!

It has been an absolutely beautiful day here today. With a list of things to be accomplished, I sat out side for quite awhile. (I had my Kumihimo disk with me so I would look busy). Actually, I did quite a bit. The birds were flying around, chirping and I saw a pair of Cardinals in the large evergreen tree in our neighbor's yard. The planes were flying overhead. I discovered their path was right where I didn't even have to move my head to see them. OK, a few more rounds of Kumihimo. Then a few more.

Usually, I show things after I've finished but ... I'm not finished yet. But here is what I've done so far. You may remember the batch of pendants I purchased a few weeks ago. I'm making this braid to go with one of them.

Funny thing, I bought about 6 packages of fibers to go with my pendants. Only to discover that the best colors were from some I had left over from other projects. I combined them in a different group. This braid has 5 blue and 3 beige cords. It is hard, at least for me, to tell how the final braid will look. I expected this one to have more blue. Any how, so far I like the results.
Here is a close up.

Thanks to the birds, planes, gentle breeze I accomplished 3 or 5 inches of my Kumihimo necklace and got an idea for a blog post. All in all, a good afternoon.

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  1. I really love the pendant, and the way the Kumihimo braid is enhancing the color in the pendant. The girls and I will be finishing up our school work next week which is a good thing, because we have a severe case of Spring fever. Reading this post has brought up our fever a few more degrees.

  2. I too think the kumihimo braid does the pendant justice. The designs you just go with the flow turn out to be the good ones, don't you think?

  3. Gayle, glad you like the pendant and Kumihimo braid. Today is another nice day. And I'm back to doing more on the braid.
    Pearl, I certainly do designs work out best when you go with the flow.

  4. Hi there! I was curious whether you learned kumihimo on your own or if you took a class. I'd really like to learn. It's great looking! Thanks! Lisa C.,