Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Chain Maille Pendant

This is a result of, I don't know. Funniest thing, if someone asked me how I made it or if I could make another one, I don't think I could.

I try lots of little samples of different Chain Maille weaves. Most often, I finish off a bracelet from the sample. In other words, I get it and now know what I did and how to do it again.

This little piece has been in my box of rings for awhile. I pick it up and put it down again. I really don't remember what I was trying to do.

Well, the other day after I finished a Parallel Rose pendant which involves making Parallel Chain - straight - and then making it into a circle, I picked it up again.

I looked again at this odd sample in my box and played with it. Suddenly, turning it into a circle I came up with something that looked nice. (See picture) In order to keep it in a circle, I added a few rings and one to be able to attach it to a chain. I'm certain, it will take me a long while to make another one, if asked.

I was surprised with and like the results. Now I need to find something to hang it on.

Have any of you made something in this manner?


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  1. When I play, I get more ideas than when I'm seriously trying to accomplish something. I don't know if it is a relaxed state of mind that brings things together or what. Seems like maybe that is what happened with this piece. It's lovely.

  2. I do play with my weaves. Chain maille chains are so slinky sometimes it does pay to form them into rings to see what they look like. Yours will look fun on a cord!