Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Customer Service

On Sunday after we came home from church, I sat down in my chair in the living room. When I looked out the window, (see the picture) I saw a hanging wire. You have to look close to see it in the picture.

Naturally, we went out to check it out. The wires that were attached to the house had been pulled out. Now we had electricity, cable and phone, so we wondered what was going on. The wires were all intact. We followed the wires up to the pole and across the street to another pole. Then it became obvious. A tree had fallen on the wires going to the other pole pulling them down and like a chain reaction, we figured, whipped the ones on our side of the street out of the house. The next door house had a similar problem. Unfortunately, they were not home. Real chain reaction event. It was quite windy but didn't seem that bad.

Because we were not sure which wire it was that came out of our house, my husband called the cable company. We explained the the wires going across the street were low and a large truck driving down the street would surely "take them out" as my son-in-law said.
Turns out that the cable company could not come until Tuesday. (remember this was Sunday)

So, we decided the local police might be interested in preventing a little problem from becoming a big problem. You know what? They were. They were here in about 5 minutes. They assessed the situation and called the electric company and they were here in another 5 minutes. Now granted Sunday overtime, really looks good, I'm sure. Too bad it wasn't the cable as I would have liked to see the response if the police had called them instead of us.

Anyhow, the electric company started working and had the wires back up rather quickly. We left to go to our Mother's Day dinner. When we came home the electric was all up and out of harms way. But the wire that was pulled out of our house as shown in the picture, was still in the same position. Turns out that it belongs to Verizon. We no longer have Verizon as our phone company. Rather, we get our phone service with our cable. So, naturally the electric company would not fix it.

Monday morning we called Verizon not sure if they would come. We told them that we no longer had their service and asked if would they come to remove their wires explaining that they were now hanging across our lawn. Yes, they would come as soon as they could. Now, we'll see how soon that is. Maybe Tuesday?

Later Monday the electric company was back. Our next door neighbor had called. Long story short, they offered to put our Verizon line back up and tightened our electric lines. They were loose but not from this recent chain of events. Then he fixed the neighbor's lines. In rather short time all was back in order and even better.

Funny conclusion to this whole experience is that good "Customer Service" goes a long way to keep a customer or even non customer happy (or not). A good thing to remember in your Jewelry Design business or any other business!

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  1. It's nice to hear about employees who do the right thing. Good advice about good customer service - you never know if your good deed will land you a new customer another time.