Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Chain Maille Bracelet

I usually have trouble coming up with names for my pieces but for this one I had a name before I made the bracelet. I found a nice strand of green hearts at the Innovative Bead Show I went to last Saturday. Usually hearts have the hole drilled vertically. These had the hole at the top and side to side. I have found a lot of beads that are similar and the holes are drilled in a sloppy manner. At least they seem so to me. These holes were drilled such that the hole came in from the back and out the front making the string have the hearts overlapping. That, I don't think is the way it was intended. The holes should go straight across the top of the heart. However, in this case the results was very intriguing. The nestled one on top of the other.

The name "Kindred Hearts" came to mind when I saw the string. So, I began thinking of a possible design. Three in a row, then what? Chain Maille, then what? I had enough rings to make the Barrel chain I recently learned and voila a new Chain Maille Bracelet.

And the name? "Kindred Hearts" Not bad if I do say so myself.

You can see it listed on my 1000Markets web site


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