Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Artists on 1000 Markets

I try, as a rule to post 5 times a week, Monday through Friday. Yesterday, try as I may, I could not come up with a idea. I even posted that fact on my Facebook page. (You can follow me on
Facebook as "Bev Carlson")

I received a comment from Ingrid Hobbs of One Meaning Couture. You may remember Ingrid as one of the founders of One Meaning Couture. They featured Friends of Jaclyn as one of their charities in January. Friends of Jaclyn matches young children with brain cancer with sports teams. The results are amazing for both for the patient and the teams. Check out their web sites or my post in January.

Her suggestion was "step away from it and come back in the can't force it."
Great idea. So, I did just that and here I am. Thanks Ingrid.

An idea came to me that if I'm not making anything worth sharing right now, many others are. So, I started looking over the web site where I have my shop on 1000 Markets. I spent some time surfing some of the amazing things available.

It took me awhile to zero in on one person but I finally chose Glasstastic Treasures in Lake Nebagamon, WI. As you would expect from the name, she makes the most beautiful things from glass. A skill I have always admired. Here is one of my favorites from her collection:

You can find all of her items at her shop on 1000 Markets. Glasstistic Treasures

While you are there, browse around. I guarantee you'll find lots of things you will like.


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  1. I agree. It's better to post something when you are actually inspired to!! I used to post something everyday, but now it's only about 4 times a week. I am just too busy!