Thursday, April 23, 2009

Orbital Chain Maille

I noticed that there are not many math enthusiasts as no one commented wanting to know about Aspect Ratio. ;-)

Here is the Orbital Chain Maille bracelet I promised yesterday. Can you tell the difference?

It is hard to see but all rings are doubled. The Barrel Chain Maille Bracelet from yesterday only has one connecting ring between the segments.

Any one have a choice?



  1. Bev, those are again two beautiful bracelets. Love your comparisons of similar weaves. Are the rings in one bracelet all the same size? Hm, AR....I just had a lesson in that recently. I used copper wire in a pattern I did in brass before. I used the same AR and it didn't work because of the plastic coating of the copper. And I know that there is this coating and you should chose the AR a bit bigger than usual! Aaaargh!

  2. Kokopelli,
    The Barrel weave uses 16g / 4.5mm rings and the Orbital uses 16g/ 5.5 rings. The double rings make the difference.
    Funny that just the coating would make such a difference between the brass and copper. Try looking on the Urban Maille site for some ring size suggestions to common weaves. They do mention that they can not guarantee a specific size will work in a different metal.

  3. ~Bev~
    both of these bracelets are beautiful~
    ~i am a big silver bracelet fan~
    these are so different from any I have seen~