Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Running the Boston Marathon

I'm again quoting Alice Williams' Caring Bridge journal. Mostly because it is the only place I have been able to get - what happened? I could see on line that Melanie had a fantastic run but it didn't say if Lexie Williams was able to finish the last mile with her, as planned. Well, she did! Here is the account from www.caringbridge.org/visit/lexiewilliams.

“Toughness is in the soul and the spirit, not the muscles. " -Alex Karras

"And Run the last 1.2 miles she Did !!!! -In Ten minutes, as that was her runner's pace, and we didn't want to slow Melanie down in her last mile of glory with the crowd screaming, so Lexie dug deep, ran fast all the way, looked a bit peaked, and promptly Barfed into a vent !!!! Now that's true grit !!!! She recovered quickly and we walked back to the Copley with Melanie for the post race greeting area-

"Amazingly, she had a crowd of supporters from our school who cheered for her along the way, and later came back to the post race area to congratulate her and Melanie on their accomplishments !!!! We are So incredibly proud of both of them- Lexie for stepping up and running fast, and Melanie for posting a Great race time- 4 hours 33 minutes !!!!

"While we waited for Melanie to run the first 25 miles, we had the pleasure of sitting roadside with Hailey and her mother Lisa to cheer for the runners as they passed by, and got to greet and hug several other Jimmy Fund families at Mile 25 !!! We also were joined by Kristen, the Kristen of Team Lexie and Kristen, as she had the day off and took the T over to hang out with us for a few hours !!!! We have certainly had our share of glorious moments with great friends this past few days !!!!

"It has been a pretty special start to this vacation week, and now we are taking a breath, and Lexie will attend her swim team's swim camp for the next three days until we shove off for Phila. and the Atlantic Ten championship weekend !!! Emily has a couple dance events this week, and she will reunite with her Tufts Sisters next Saturday, on the way home from a dance competition !!!

"We are feeling very grateful for so many things this week, and the first one is having a week of vacation !!!!


Hopefully I'll have some new pictures to post soon.

In the mean time. Congratulations, Melanie and Lexie on a great run for Cancer Research!


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