Thursday, April 16, 2009

Southshore Beaders Etsy Part 1

Last night we had our monthly South Shore Beaders gathering. As usual, fun was had by all. For the first time we had what comes close to a meeting. That is we insisted that only one talk at a time, at least for the first 15-20 minutes. Do you know how hard that is to do???? After that we had our usual show and tell and "Where should we go for our next field trip?" Oh yes, we welcomed two new members. A growing group!

Some of us came with questions, some with announcements. We talked about our fledgling Etsy web site. It seems to be working well with more and more pieces being added. Then it hit me!

Feature some of our members items in a blog post. Duh! So, today's and tomorrow's posts will feature

The South Shore Beaders:

Here is a lovely piece by Marilyn Oliveri. Marilyn specializes in bead crochet. Her focals and endings are very special and unique to her style. This one she calls "Checkers"

This piece is designed by Eileen Lipkind.
Eileen loves to design summer and ocean themed pieces.
She calls this: Dreams of Summer Starfish Necklace

The third piece is designed by B'Jeweled (aka Donna)
This is called: Arizona Desert and Sky Bracelet
Magnesite chips surround an Amazonite Oval Centerpiece Stone.

Check out all of the designs at our web site:

More featured tomorrow.



  1. Hi Bev,
    I think your link to the site is broken. I did cut and paste the link and found the site. It looks great. I put it as one of my favorites. Hope you do well on etsy!

  2. Thanks Gayle. Good old typos on the hyperlink does it. It is corrected now. Glad you like the site.