Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Barrel Chain Maille Bracelet

OK, can you tell that I've been playing with my camera again?

This is my latest Chain Maille creation. It is called the Barrel Weave. I learned the weave from instructions I purchased from www.urbanmaille.com

I really love the instructions that Aislyn from Urban Maille provides. Clear pictures, clear instructions and lots of tips. I ordered the kit thinking it was just another name for a pattern I've made before called "Orbital". Many weaves have several different names for the same pattern. Byzantine comes to mind. It is also called Bird Cage, Fool's Dilemma, Idiot's delight or Idiot's Box.

It turned out to be a different pattern. Not drastically different but different none the less. Instead of having two rings on the sides, it only has one. This allows you to use a smaller ring than the Orbital which uses double rings. Actually, it is a good lesson in aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is the ratio that compares the inside diameter (ID) and the thickness of the wire in the ring.

Getting back to playing with my camera. I was in a hurry (what else is new) to post the pictures. So, I quickly took pictures of the new Barrel bracelet. First on a black background and then on a white background. None of them came out very well. However, with Picasa my picture "fixer", I was able to make some adjustments. The one on the left is taken on a white background with a flash and obviously adjusted. Looks really fake, doesn't it? Yet you can see the detail of the bracelet. The second one is taken on a white background with out a flash. The picture looks more realistic but harder to see the details.

Next time, I'll spend more time with the set up and see if I can get a picture that is both realistic and easy to see the details.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the Orbital bracelet so you can see the difference.

If anyone is interested in a discussion or explanation of Aspect Ratio, let me know. Just remember, it will prove that you do need high school Arithmetic after you graduate.



  1. I really want to learn how to do this. I was playing around with my copper jump rings last night and finally admitted I need to follow a pattern. :-) Your bracelets are lovely.

  2. The all elusive good photograph. My oldest daughter and I have played around with different photo arrangements trying to seek the very same thing...clear photo with good detail. We haven't achieved that yet, but I think we are on the right track. Natural lighting is working well for us in most of our photos of our jewelry.

  3. Thanks for sharing this new weave. It's really lovely.

    I still prefer natural light but recently learnt that some jewelry items do benefit from the photoshop manipulation.

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