Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Well, spring is finally here, I think. Though I still hear about snow flakes here and there. The sun is out more than not, our forsythia, outside, is showing lots of yellow. The crocus are up and some daffodils and tulips are showing green.

For me, as a Jewelry Designer, it means time to take stock and clean out from the winter "pile it here" until later. The taxes are finished. Every year, it seems I get frustrated all over again with getting my business information together. I figure, next year will be different. It just seems to take more time that I feel it should.

So, I have a big question for all of my readers. Do you get into the same "rut" and if so, do you plan to make changes? What changes do you plan to make? I really think we could come up with some great ideas to help each other.

I'll start.

With me, it isn't that I don't know what to do (mostly) but actually doing what I should is the hard part. For example, keeping good records. I have a great program to help with inventory. (Jewelry Designer Manager). However, I need to remember to enter new purchases. (I do that fairly well) BUT I need to remember to remove items as I use them and then add the finished piece to my inventory. That seems to be my down fall.

I noticed another problem as I started to clean up. I found about four pieces unfinished. Strange why things are not finished. Some how making new things is more fun.

So, let me know what your problems are and more importantly, what can we do to fix the problem. Waiting to hear.


  1. Great minds think alike! I also had one of two blog posts tonight where I did some spring cleaning on my blog. I have a new template!

  2. Pearl, I noticed that we were thinking alike yesterday. What is your new template?

  3. It is really important to fix and organize your files and records ones in awhile. By updating your folders, you must dispose off those scratch papers that is on your working table. It would only mess up your table.