Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Income Tax time

To those of you who have already completed your income tax, Congratulations! I seem to put them off to the last moment.

I spent almost all of yesterday working on ours. And, I'm not finished. I've been using Turbo Tax and usually find it easy and quick to do our return. For some reason, this year it seems less helpful. Probably me. They totally missed asking me if I had a Schedule C to fill out. In their defense, when I went from the "question" format to "forms" it was there and filled in with information from last year.

Now, I realize that the program can only work with the information I give it. IBC is no excuse. So, I know that I must have given it some incorrect facts. NO way did I earn that much last year. Otherwise, my check book would be showing many more dollars than it does.

Today I was set back in finding my mistake by an eye Doctor exam. At first I thought my husband could not go with me. Turned out he could and good thing because at the last moment the Doctor decided to dilate my eyes. Nice sunny day too. I'm starting to show my age when it comes to having my eyes dilated. It takes a long time to undilate. Almost 6 hours this time.

Fortunately, there was a Red Sox game on toward the end of the 6 hours to take my mind off of that. They beat the Tampa Bay Rays 5-3.

I was unable to do more on my Viking Knit project either. Oh, well tomorrow I'll get back on schedule. Taxes, taxes (with a break for Viking Knit, of course)

I did receive a nice suggestion in a comment on how to improve my tension from http://janra-jewelry-designs.com/creating-vk.html. Thanks, I'll try your suggestion.


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