Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Morning Glories revisited

In my post on Sunday, September 14, I had a picture of our Morning Glories that were in the rain and as a result the blossoms were very droopy. Except for a few that had large leaves over them that were protecting the blossoms. I guess I was being philosophical because I asked for comments on what that might mean to you. I received several responses about Morning Glories in general and how we all like them. The response was not what I expected. I had indicated that others might have a different take on the picture than I did. I was right about that. The picture reminded people of their experiences and memories of Morning Glories. I was in the "protective" theme. The beautiful full blossom was protected by the leaves. I like both interpretations. Memories - I certainly have those - which is why I grow them at all. And I really love them - another reason I grow them and I really like the responses I got that confirmed those thoughts. The protective theme is just different.

Since the picture on September 14 was of droopy blossoms, I thought I'd share a picture of how they look on a non-rainy day.

My daughter took a new picture. She apparently thought they needed to be shown in their full Glory and not droopy.

There they are for all to enjoy in their full Glory.


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