Friday, September 5, 2008

Furnace Glass Cuff

I went to a bead show today, Innovative Bead Show in Marlborough, MA. I found lots of goodies mostly to go with the beads I purchased two weeks ago. So, there is no reason not to make lots of new pieces this week.
I had one rule for the day: Do not buy anything that does not go with the beads I brought with me to find beads that matched or would go with them.
I actually did very well following that rule. Except for the bracelet in the picture. This is not something I really designed other than picking out the beads. The silver "cuff" has two balls on the ends that screw off so you can add beads of your choice. It also includes two silver beads that are tight enough to hold the beads in place. These beads are beautiful Furnace Glass from Bergamini Beads in State College, PA ( There were lots of choices but I decided to go with black and white. It is sort of a one size fits all cuff.
Hope you like it.

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