Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kumihimo Choker

I made a pretty Kumihimo choker - no beads. This shows a different piece that can be made using the same technique. It is about half an inch wide and looks great with a red tee shirt. (Or blue or white ...) This type of choker can be made in many different color combinations. I should try one in fall colors. Fall is coming sooner than I would like.
The grandkids are all off to school and I can get back to a normal routine. Well, I never have a really normal routine. That is the beauty of being retired.
Oh, yes, my "Birthday" gas clothes dryer came yesterday and it was installed in the afternoon. Ah, clean - and dried - clothes again. While there is something to be said for line drying clothes, they are just not as soft as in a dryer. I'm sure that is not a "green" statement!

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  1. I love all your posts with braided jewelry! You have inspired me.