Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chain Maille

One of may favorite pieces of chain maille is the one pictured here. It is the "parallel chain" or Helm pattern curved into a "rose" then attached to several other roses. One person recently said it had a Celtic look. This one is made with 18 gauge rings and it makes it rather delicate for the width of the bracelet.

We are getting into the Holiday gift season and I was reminded of that just the other day when I looked at our calendar. Particularly since we seem to have so many trips planned between now and the end of the year. I always take some jewelry item with me to do during down times. We are going on a trip this Wednesday to visit my oldest daughter and her family. They are on the way to our vacation spot, Virginia Beach. Makes a nice trip to see family and enjoy the beach. Sounds funny that I'm not really a beach person. Assuming that is a person who loves to sit on the beach in the hot sun. My type of beach person goes in the fall or late summer and enjoys the cool breezes, walking the boardwalk and the ocean. We are hoping that will not include a hurricane!

My daughter and family who live with us will probably enjoy having the house to themselves.

In the mean time consider your Holiday shopping at (Just had to do that ;-)


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  1. The Helm chain maille bracelet you made is so pretty! Have a great vacation!