Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cleaning Silver

I've written several posts lately about cleaning jewelry. I use tumbling to clean my sterling silver. With a show coming up this weekend, I decided it best to spiff up my silver items. So, I got the tumbler out and ran one batch of bracelets and then loaded up another batch of mostly necklaces. I use "Elephant Hyde" dumbbell labels made from Tyvek for pricing made .

I made a big discovery. You know how you should always remove any tissues in pockets of clothes before washing? Well, my discovery was to make sure you remove all "Elephant Hyde" dumbbell labels. They do not deteriorate as tissues do, quite the contrary. They are so strong that they managed to tangle two necklaces in a ball. The tag was still there hanging on for dear life!

The other discovery was that my sterling silver chain maille is also very strong! That is a good thing. They came out very shiny, as usual, and none the worse for any wear.

Just remember to remove the "Elephant Hyde" dumbbell labels before tumbling. Lesson learned.


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  1. LOL!! That's just what I would have done. Thanks for the tip.