Monday, October 19, 2009

New Kumihimo Necklaces

Since I had to quickly clean up my little card table when we moved the Bird of Paradise in, I made a pile of everything on the card table and have just now been looking through it. I found several unfinished pieces. This Kumihimo necklace is made from a variety of blue fibers with a pretty blue pendant. I finished it by adding a clasp and a two inch extender. I'm finding that I like extenders on necklaces. My necklines vary from turtle neck to "V" neck and require different lengths to look right.

This one is similar, just different color fibers and pendant.

Both are about 18 - 20 inches long (plus the pendant) I'll have them on my web sites very soon.

Which is your favorite?

B and


  1. I like the top one best, although both are pretty. I like the pendent and the little feathery fibers on it.

  2. And I like the bottom one! How's that for a tie? I'm ticklish so I prefer not to have the feathery bits. Both cords though nicely complimented the focals.