Friday, October 16, 2009

Bird of Paradise Part 2

It took us two days to get the Bird in its place. One to get it in the door and two to move it to its permanent winter location. The move involves chairs, lamps, tables and some vacuuming. Here is the Bird in its final place for now. As I type on my laptop, I can see it if I look up (as above)

The Bird started when my brother-in-law went to Hawaii in 1961. He brought back some Bird of Paradise seeds which he gave to my husband's Mother for Christmas. She proceeded to give some of the seeds to her children. Our oldest daughter was born the next May and we remember, from that occasion, how old our Bird of Paradise really is. It started out in a fairly small pot and blossomed for the first time in the spring of 1973. A big deal!

Some where we have a picture of our youngest daughter standing next to the plant with the first bloom. It was shorter than she was. (Now the plant is taller than all of us)

Anyhow, as it grew, the plant was transplanted in to ever larger containers. Some time in the '80's we divided the plant. It required shovels and a spading fork to accomplish the job. The roots go very deep and are very thick We gave away several of the smaller plants and the last and current transplanting was in to a large trash can. It could be divided again but we can't face the big job it would be.

Some time in the spring we hope to have some blooms to show. Often we have as many a 7 blooms.

One of the questions I always get when the plant is brought in from outside is "Do you get any bugs that come with it?" My usual answer is "No" Well this morning my daughter pointed out that that is not always true. I took this picture before the creature was summarily ushered out the front door.

He was on the screen right next to me on the window near my elbow. Yuck. He was BIG!

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  1. Wow - such a process for a plant! But it's nice to have a plant that has grown along with children and has sentimental value. Also nice that something that big can go outside in the summer!

  2. Well I think that might be a bit true. Everyone has a bit of deep truth in them that isn't really visible at most times. But hey what can I say.. Do we Really want to know the absolute truth about Everyone?? Sometimes, the inner secrets of a person should remain unknown, of course if they harm no body. I do think that stories though, are entertaining whether they are positive or negative, because they depict a 'kodak moment' in time that tells a story. You're right, everybody loves a story or two, so why not imagine your life a big story and be a great story teller!