Monday, October 26, 2009

New Chain Maille Pattern

Last week I purchased a Chain Maille kit from Blue Budda Boutique. I've known about Blue Budda for quite awhile. However, I learned most of my Chain Maille techniques from Urban Maille. One of the differences between the two is how they measure their rings. Yep, the measurements. Urban Maille uses millimeters and Blue Budda uses inches. It makes it hard to go back and forth and compare one set of measurements with the other.

Because of that I've not purchased anything from Blue Budda before. (I like using millimeters.) They have really nice designs, however, and the other day one of their kits caught my eye. (There is not problem of ring size conversions in a kit as you buy the whole kit and caboodle) Anyhow, the kit I chose for a necklace, is called Jacob's DNA Ladder. It has both aluminum and anodized (colored) aluminum rings. The colored rings are "captive" rings in that no other rings go through them. They just sit there, tightly held in the pattern.

The picture above shows how far I got the first DAY. The directions are fine, very clear. They even give two different methods of approaching the weave. OK, I can do this! Well, truth be told, sometimes I can and sometimes I'm all thumbs. Darn little rings! (Or words to that effect!)

Here is how far I've gotten by Sunday evening. About 7 inches.

But isn't it pretty? I can see lots of possibilities for different variations.

It is not a fast weave, by any means. At least by my means. I find it frustrating. I do expect that some time, fairly soon, I hope, it will go together faster. Right now I keep it near my computer and do a few (or one) round while I wait for things to load. This method has worked well for me when I have frustrating things to work on.

I'll post again when it is finished. What do you think of the weave so far?

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  1. Looking great so far--the multi mix makes it look very whimsical and fun! It *is* a tricky weave, but I promise it gets better once you do it more. Congrats on tackling it, and getting this far!

    Oh, and so you know, if you ever need us to figure out ring conversions for a particular weave, just let us know. Sometimes it takes us a couple of days to do some testing, but we almost always come up with an answer.

    Happy weaving,

  2. Thanks Rebeca. It already is getting easier. Just need to discover the "little tricks" that make it easier. Also, stopping when I get frustrated. Have you used other things instead of the two rings, such as regular beads?
    Thanks for letting me know about your willingness to convert for me.

  3. I love it! You've inspired me to try and learn the captive weave.

  4. Looks like you're doing a wonderful job! Can't wait to see the finished product!