Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bird of Paradise moving day

It is that time of year when the frost danger is near and we need to move the "forest" inside.
This year I have taken up some of the "forest's" space with my workspace/table. But there is some space left for the large Bird of Paradise. That was the original plan. (Hope it works out)

The edict was given this morning that the Bird of Paradise will be coming in today. Yuck! I'm caught. I still have a small table with "stuff" on it. So, I worked some this morning and cleared the table out. You know what else is left, don't you? DUST! Both my husband and I are sneezers when dust is disturbed. Now we (I) have to vacuum.

To add to the problem, I have a dinner meeting with my South Shore Beaders Group late afternoon. Yay! My daughter has to pick up the kids from school, a birthday party, homework etc. That leaves my husband and son-in-law for the grunt work. Seems fair.

This picture was taken last winter after the Bird blossomed. It reminds us that all this work is worth it, though I'm never sure while the moving, in or out, is going on.

Note: this was written on Wed and I forgot to post it instead of just saving it. Thus the out of sync story.

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  1. It's a gorgeous plant. How long does it flower for?

  2. Pearl,
    It is really worth waiting for as the bloom usually last several 2-4 weeks. But when we have several blooms it can be a month or two for all of them.