Wednesday, October 7, 2009

College Reunion

Tomorrow we take off for my college reunion. You may remember from previous posts that my husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in July. So, you won't be surprised when I tell you it is my 50th college reunion from the University of Rochester.

I'm looking forward to seeing old friends. Reunions can be funny. You remember the funniest things and no one else does. For example, I was looking at some of the pictures I have of my 45th reunion. The funny thing is that I then had to go upstairs and remove some of the clothes I had set out to wear. The blue sweater and the striped cardigan were prominent in most of the pictures. (The ones I had set out) Now, my husband says that no one will remember. What do you think? Those people will have similar pictures even if they really don't remember exactly what I wore. Since I don't remember, do you think they will - with out looking at pictures?

I lived at home for my first two years. It was the first year of "integrating" the U of R campuses. (Men and Women) Ours was the first class to go all four years on the River (Men's) campus. We had a new 4 wing, 6 story Residence Hall. On the third floor they set aside 2 rooms for the "City Girls" I noticed in our '59 Memory Book (which we have already received) many of us have fond memories of being a City Girl. We could stay over night for $.35 (Notice computers don't have cent signs anymore?) It was $.50 if we didn't bring our own sheets. There was a small kitchen at the end of the hall. No microwaves of course.

Some nights the 6 beds were full and with bad weather or what ever I still wanted to stay overnight. I had made friends with the two girls across the hall (one was one of my bridesmaids) We put their two beds together and using empty orange juice cans to hold the inside legs together, the 3 of us slept crosswise on the two beds. The orange juice cans were necessary as the beds would slide apart otherwise. We called it "sleeping on the Rubicon" Good friends wouldn't you say?

Since I've retired and don't need to get dressed up to go to work, I haven't purchased many new clothes and what I have is not worn out, so, I'm going upstairs to see what else I have to wear. I need to get packing.

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  1. I don't think anyone will remember the clothes however, some may be reviewing the pics right now - just like you did! Your call. :)

    The orange juice cans - brilliant!

  2. I swear some women have total recall so my tip would be to choose something else.

    When I went to a mini-reunion of some of my classmates some years ago, it was amazing to see that we really hadn't changed much as we were giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls!