Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beaded Kumihimo bracelet

This is one of the unfinished pieces I found with my Kumihimo necklaces on my card table recently.

Awhile ago I had a post on teaching beaded Kumihimo. To teach the class, I started a bracelet that was like one I had made before. The purpose was to demonstrate the technique. The picture I showed in my recent post was of the one I made before.

Since I made that one, I have found a different type of ending that I really prefer and that is what I showed my student. So, this time, I took a picture of the finished bracelet with these endings. I found these at Rings and Things but have also seen them in my local bead store. They "crimp" and do not require glue. Glue is always so messy. At least when I use glue. They are much easier to use, a real plus.

New style:
Former style:

What do you think of the different types of endings?
It can be purchased at 1000

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  1. I'm paranoid. Even if I use the crimp style, I still add a dab of glue "just in case"!

  2. - Neat demonstration of the difference, Bev, thanks!

    at Rings & Things