Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Forsythia

I have posted a picture before of our Bird of Paradise. It is outside in the summer months but this time of the year it and several other plants reside in our living room by the front windows. We have two recliner/rocking chairs in front of the plants. (Yes, in one, I make jewelry) The greenery is affectionately referred to as "The Forest".

One of the chores for my husband is to water "The Forest". It involves several large jugs of water and sometimes two trips to refill. Tonight was such a watering event. However, tonight when he came out of "The Forest" he brought a vase with beautiful yellow forsythia. What a great sight!

Forsythia all in bloom and it is not even spring yet. (That comes Saturday) Apparently, he had cut some branches and put them in "The Forest" to force the blooms. What a guy! Thanks, I needed that!


The rest of the story: We put the forsythia on the kitchen table. Then my daughter came home, and took them outside. It seems my son-in-law is extremely allergic to them. Well, it was nice while it lasted.


  1. Ah! I LOVE Forsythia! =) Beeeeutiful ♥

  2. I love flowers and flowering trees but outside for I too am allergic to pollen. My MIL once had to remove a vase of them when I visited as my eyes were watering and I was sneezing my head off!

  3. Beautiful! I'm not allergic - send them MY way!