Monday, March 23, 2009

"Orbital" Chain Maille Bracelet

When I teach a Chain Maille class, I always take my Chain Maille examples with me. It does two things.

1) I can show my students what Chain Maille is
2) Show them the various patterns they can make
3) Interest them in making a pattern other than the one they are making in the current class. Is that marketing?

Well, the latest favorite pattern to make is what I was told is called "Orbital". I say that since so many Chain Maille patterns have several names. It is relatively easy and really looks nice when finished. It has some airiness and width to it.

Would this pattern be on your "to do" list?



  1. I really like the look of this pattern. I like thicker chains, and this one looks nice and thick. Do you use sterling jump rings?

  2. Gayle, I'm glad you like the pattern. I used 16 gauge Sterling Silver rings. I usually use Sterling. I figure, if I'm going to spend the time, I want something of value when I'm finished.

  3. I like this pattern too - but I have a feeling only as a wearer - I think trying to make it would frustrate me to no end! I think you have to have the personality for it.

  4. Bev, that chain looks great! And you're right: if you invest time in such a piece, it should be made of the best materials!

  5. This pattern would definitely be on my to do list. I have been keeping track of Kokopelli's chain maille and would love to learn how to do this. It is lovely!