Thursday, March 12, 2009

Byzantine Rose chain maille bracelet

Tuesday, I taught a class in Chain Maille at the Beadcache in Mansfield, MA

The bracelet was the Byzantine Rose pattern. (Names of Chain Maille patterns have lots of different names so you can see the pattern in the picture.)

The class was a success, I think, since the students said so. And even more so since they want to take more classes to learn different patterns.

It really is fun to see the results and as I always comment, when they really listen. I usually tell all my students that they will be able to make their chains faster and better if they learn to work with the tools as an extension of their hands. (In other words, don't keep laying the pliers down) Now, there are times when you should put them down and because they really do listen, they try to do everything with them in their hands. At that point, I suggest that they really can put them down on some occasions. That usually brings a laugh for them.

I usually get a response like "I thought we had to keep them in my hands". We have lots of fun. I love to see how they try to encourage each other - even help each other.

Jewelry people are great people to work with and I really enjoy working with them. I've decided that in my next class, I'll take my camera and capture some of the smiles and jewelry results.



  1. Such a lovely piece. I bet it was fun teaching the class and sharing your knowledge. Wish I was in your community. I'd take your class!

  2. ~Bev~
    I am completely amazed by this jewelry~
    And, would LOVE to take a class from you~
    I want to learn~
    I am so sure you are a wonderful teacher~

  3. Oh yes, take some pics from your next class! I think about doing that during my classes in fall.
    Hm, I caught myself taking my coffee mug with pliers in hands while doing chain maille. Or taking small things with my pliers before laying them into my hand. And I don't mean taking the jump rings.....