Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting Started

When I was little, I remember my folks wanted a new kitchen floor. With money being tight (what else is new?) my Dad decided to install the tiles. My Mother thought that black would be a good color since it would not show the dirt. He did a nice job except for using too much glue. But that is a story for another day!

Very quickly, she found out that black shows more "dirt" than any other color.

I was reminded of that fact when I started to take a picture of a new Chain Maille piece. I pulled out a piece of black velvet for the background. One of my most successful pictures has a black background. (Wish I remembered what I used!)

Well, as you might have figured out, the piece of black velvet was full of white specks of dust/dirt/lint. As my Mother found out, white is the color of most dirt that finds it way to the black tiles in a kitchen or as I found out a black piece of velvet.

The clear packing tape dispenser is what I used to remove the little buggers. It used to be popular to use Scotch tape wrapped around your fingers to remove lint from your clothes but clearly, narrow Scotch tape would not cut it. So, I broke out the 3 inch wide packing tape.

Even with that, it took 3-5 wraps of tape to clear a large enough space to place the bracelet so I could take the picture.

All of this just to get started! Taking photos of jewelry is hard enough with out this. Yikes! (The results was the Orbital bracelet from yesterday's post)



  1. I see, you know that black dirt always gathering on white things and the white dirt always gathering on black things. I have them in my house, too, and THEY never seem to get out of place.

  2. I so agree. Black is a tough color to have on surfaces but there is a way around that - just don't use plain black. But that doesn't help with jewelry backgrounds. Did you try just black paper instead?