Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jewelry Selling Secrets

Since most of my readers are either Jewelry Designers or interested in Jewelry Design, I thought I’d share a web site (www.kameronkay.com) that shows how to make money with Jewelry Design.

The program is called “Jewelry Selling Secrets” by Kameron Kay. Kameron Kay is a jewelry designer from San Diego, CA. The stars wear her designs and she sells to many boutiques in her area.

Many people nowadays make their own jewelry. (Just visit a local craft fair and you’ll find that out) Many make jewelry just for themselves and their friends. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to earn income doing something you really enjoy?

That is the rub. How do you earn money from your passion of designing jewelry? Somehow, some artists feel it is a bad thing to talk about making money from their jewelry. Lets face it if you don't want to make money doing what you love, that's OK but really it would be better if you could.

I will admit that I’ve seen other programs like this before and while helpful, the information given there did not provide things I didn’t already know. I found Kameron's "Jewelry Selling Secrets" to provide extremely helpful information. The work is not done for you but the information is new and very good. The price of $47 is a bit steep but can be a good investment to jewelry designers trying to build their business in this economy or any other.

Kameron explains how she started earning money designing jewelry and then goes on to share these experiences in a practical step-by-step fashion that anyone can follow. She has many movie stars as her clients (She does live in southern California) In other words, she is speaking from experience.

Her program is divided into several parts. The main part is her e-course that is filled with ideas on building a jewelry business. Then, because we all learn in different ways, the same information is reinforced with an audio interview. In that she talks to Jay Flannigan (a friend and Internet marketer) and generally reinforces the information in her e-course.

Summary of information provided:
Starting a business legally, pricing, knowing your target clients, photographing your jewelry, how to sell to shops, presentation, packaging, tools, plus many other pieces of helpful information.

Further bonuses provided are Jay Flannigan’s one-hour website maker (a great bonus if you don’t have a website!) Also, a large suppliers list and several step by step jewelry project videos.

You can find her e-course and the bonuses at http://www.kameronkay.com/.

Please let me know what you think.



  1. sounds like a good program, I make Lampwork glass beads that other desingers use in their jewelry, so I would not need this program...I agree that there is nothing wrong with making money from one's art form, I have for years and I welcome any program that teaches folks to do so...thanks for sharing...

  2. It does sound very useful. I have bookmarked it in case I get that motivated. Right now - I'm just not as enthusiastic as I once was. I'm hoping it's just a lull. On the other hand - maybe something like that would give me some motivation! I will have to think about it. Thank you!

  3. Oh I just like looking at all the pretty jewelry that you make, Bev! :) :)