Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lexie's Jewelry Press Release

When my last shop that carried my jewelry closed at the end of February, I started (well continued) focusing on my internet projects. That is a good idea even if, as she says, she promised to open up again.

Anyhow, one of those projects I've been working on is learning about Press Releases. I started in earnest at the suggestion of Kameron Kay. See my March 10th post. She gave me some places to start and a Google search gave me more. The one I settled on is You can go to that site and submit a press release. They have some rules to follow, of course. Don't forget to check out "How to Write a Press Release" in Google. That will keep you busy for quite awhile.

I worked on a Press Release and this is the results.

Now here is a favor I'm asking.

Please click and look at the press release. Just doing that will increase the rank in Google and I'll appreciate the exposure.




  1. Great press release, Bev. I hope that it helps to raise the money needed for cancer research. You have such a generous heart!

  2. What a jolly good idea and thanks for letting me know about the press release site.

    Good luck with the fundraising.