Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jewelry Tips Part 2

I've been working on getting some inventory for my Lexie Jewelry. The difference between that and any other jewelry I make is that it is a "production" type of jewelry making.

Yesterday, I mentioned using the spool of wire for one end of the piece. It helps save wire.

While I was making a choker in a different location that usual, I noticed that my shoulders were aching a bit.

Thus my next tip:

Find a comfortable place to work.

For me that is my comfy rocking/recliner chair. I have a cushioned "portable desk" I put on my lap. The bottom is like those old ash trays that had sort of a bean bag bottom so they would "sit" and not dump over. I put a white Turkish towel on it to hold my beads from rolling. Any similar thing would do. I saw a bead board that had a similar cushion on the bottom in AC Moore recently.

The point is, be comfortable. While doing Chain Maille, I usually stop fairly often and wiggle my hands and just force myself to relax. It is very easy to tighten your muscles while beading or doing Chain Maille.

Relax! Have fun and enjoy your passion without developing physical problems.


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  1. I've heard of beaders getting repetitive strain injuries. I like to change tasks and switch from say chain maille to stringing just to relieve my muscles. The change also helps to revive creativity!