Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Gold

Leather Wrap Bracelet
Another one
I hope you are not getting tired of these bracelets but I just had to share this one.
It represents several of my favorite things in jewelry designing.
  1. Someone asked for it.(That always feels good)
  2. The colors are not what I would have chosen for myself.                                                                                                          (Well, it is not for me,  so...)
  3. I really like it now. Surprise!
It is called "Summer Gold"  Like the name?
This is just a nice example of why it is nice to know a jewelry designer. You can have what you want. Your colors, your length, your style.
So, do you have something special you would like designed just for your or someone you know who is hard to buy for?
Just ask. I'll see what we can do for you.

A little housekeeping announcement:  When I changed my URL to RingbyRing (instead of Bevsjewelry) in this blog, I lost the links to my old posts in the  "You might also like"  lists below.  You can still see them all but you need to change letters "bevsjewelry" to read "ringbyring" in the address line of your browser.
Better than loosing them all, I guess.

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