Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Leather Wrap Bracelets

Several of you wanted more information about the Purple three wrap leather bracelet featured in a recent post.
Since then I've made three more of the three wrap bracelets and samples of a single wrap size. I've looked at many You Tube videos on the subject and first got very confused but have now settled on a good method for making these bracelets.
Here is a collage of the different bracelets. There are three made with Fire Polish beads (like the Purple one); one with Hematite (shiny black) and two short ones using larger variegated beads.
Part of the fun is choosing the materials. First the leather (Greek leather is best and what is used in these bracelets) Then the beads, the button/clasps and last the wrapping cord. Should it match, be invisible, or contrast? Then, how long should the bracelet be?

Here is a bigger picture of the hematite bracelet.
I plan to make several of these in a one wrap version. Three wraps seems a bit heavy for these beads.

I mentioned the fun of choosing the button/clasp. At a bead show on Saturday, I was lucky to find some fun buttons. Two frogs and two vintage silver and one copper button. My friend, Marcia, who went with me, found them hiding on a table.

Now, what to make with them? What colors would you like to see used? What kinds of beads would go with the frog? How long should the bracelets be?  Oh, the decisions!
Until next time.

A little housekeeping announcement:  When I changed my URL to RingbyRing (instead of Bevsjewelry) in this blog, I lost the links to my old posts in the  "You might also like"  lists below.  You can still see them all but you need to change letters "bevsjewelry" to read "ringbyring" in the address line of your browser.
Better than loosing them all, I guess.

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