Thursday, June 23, 2011

Frog Leather Bracelet Part 2

Frog Leather Bracelet

  I promised more in a previous post about my new Frog Leather Bracelet. And here it is.

"Frog" is a one row leather bracelet. The clasp is a cutest green frog button. Smoke topaz oval glass beads are encased in medium brown leather. The bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long.

Now the frog is an interesting item in a bracelet. I found him/her? at a bead show. Several of the vendors had pretty buttons that work well in the leather bracelets I've been making lately.  The thing I'm wondering is
"Do you want a frog on your wrist?"
I'm sure if you have had any contact with young boys, you know about frogs and insects. They way they relate to them varies a great deal. This fact was brought home to me this morning when my Grandson came in from outside to tell Grandpa that there is a big bug outside on the rock in front of our house. Grandpa and Grandson went outside to see this big bug. Grandpa took his work shoe with him.  (He had his slippers on)  Soon they came back in. Mission accomplished. We (his Mother and I) got a graphic description of the activity of the demise of the big bug. In Technicolor!
"It was yellow ......"  I'll spare you the details. Actually, I have put them out of my mind..
My Daughter explained that her older son would not have reacted that way. It would have said:  "Eeew"  (or how ever you spell that word). The two, brothers that they are, react very differently to the same situation.
All of this reminded me of the frog in my latest bracelet. So, would you wear a "cute frog" on your wrist? Know someone who would? I do, but still wonder. Would love to hear your comments on the "Frog Leather Bracelet"
The  Frog Leather Bracelet is available on our website.

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