Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Newport, RI for the day

I love going to Newport, RI. Today we were supposed to go to a lecture on Fredrick Law Olmstead and his influence on Newport. We got more than half way there when my daughter sent me a text stating that the lecture had been cancelled due to illness of the speaker.

No problem there a plenty things to do in Newport. One of my favorite places is Brenton Point State Park.

Apparently, my husband was in his camouflage mode as he blended right into the rocks. Brenton State Park is known for flying kites because it is always windy there. Well, not today. At least not much. The bell on the buoy was ringing with the waves. A signal that there was some wind. No one was kite flying. But it was just gorgeous.

We sat for awhile watching the sea gulls and other birds fishing and sunning themselves.

I was impressed with the rock in the following picture. I decided what I think it looks like. Any suggestions from you? What do you think it looks like?

We then went on to Fort Adams (the home of the Newport Jazz Festival)

After lunch at the Newport Creamery we toured one of the Newport Mansions, Kingscote. Always fun to do. Then off to home after a great day.

Well, have you noticed the change in appearance in this blog? What do you think? I changed it because I added something to the right hand column. My Ring by Ring Designs' catalog. (It says "categories") You can go directly there and look at my pieces - and even buy them, if you would like ;-)

Hope you all had as nice a day as I did.


A little housekeeping announcement:  When I changed my URL to RingbyRing (instead of Bevsjewelry) in this blog, I lost the links to my old posts in the  "You might also like"  lists below.  You can still see them all but you need to change letters "bevsjewelry" to read "ringbyring" in the address line of your browser.
Better than loosing them all, I guess.


  1. The rock looks like a frog! Glad you had a nice day out. The category list is a good thing! Pearl

  2. Pearl, that is what I thought. Looks just like a frog.