Thursday, November 20, 2008

Organizing Jewelry Supplies and my Grandson

Last night I attend the dinner meeting of the South Shore Beaders. A group of local jewelry designers who get together every 6 weeks or so to enjoy each others company, swap stories, supplies, show and tell and just have "bead talk", in general.

We are recognized by the restaurant people now, often, just by the little boxes we all bring with our items in side. One of our members is an audiologist and one is a nurse who works near an audiologist. It seems hearing aids come in the neatest boxes; for storing jewelry supplies. Rather than throw these boxes away, these ladies bring them to our meetings and share with us all. By now, we each have at least one or two such boxes. It seems that the boxes have been changed and are smaller. Never mind, they'll just fit something else or serve another purpose.

Well, I was working on my lap top this morning when my Grandson decided he needed attention and came over with his cute smile and question "Me sit on your lap, Grandma?" Now, you need to understand that is not really a question because he is very willing to "help" you empty your lap to make room. So, I moved my project box, the finished pieces I had on the chair arm and my laptop to make room for him.

Next, he spied my new, smaller boxes. (See above picture). He reached for one and then told me "Be right back" Down he got and returned with - well look at the next picture.

I'm not sure I'll get this batch of boxes back. He and I spent about half an hour putting cars in and out of the boxes. Shaking them and so on and so forth! Great fun.

I later finished my current project. However, organizing my jewelry supplies will have to wait for another day or until our next meeting of the South Shore Beaders.

This is what my project box looks like. Filled with all the necessary supplies to make Lexie's Jewelry. I'm getting ready for the Holiday Gift Season. It has already begun in earnest and I'm behind already. However, a little diversion is good for everyone!

Lesson learned: You can use almost any discarded boxes to store jewelry supplies ... or cars.



  1. I agree. I usually recycle any suitable container if possible. Like supermarket salad containers, pill bottles and my current fav for chain maille rings - plastic fruit salad containers.

  2. I keep my supplies in those hardware drawers for holding screws, nails, etc. I can take out the drawers when I need them for a project and everything is in easy reach. I just have to remember to put them back when I'm done. Still working on that.