Monday, November 17, 2008

1000 Markets purchase

Since I joined 1000 Markets to sell my jewelry, it occurred to me that by buying something from another shop, I could find out how easy the process is (or not) plus support I could support another shop owner.
My shop is

I found lots of nice things to purchase from the very talented shop owners. As I browsed the various offerings, I found something I liked at LaWatha's Glass Creations. She is located in Washington State. I purchased a Dichroic Fused Butterfly pendant shown here. I'll probably wear it myself but might consider working it into one of my creations.

To finish the transaction, I received two emails from Amazon (the payment method used by 1000 Markets) One acknowledging the receipt of my order and one that payment was sent. Also I received an email from 1000 Markets acknowledging the order via LaWatha's Glass Creations.

The whole process was very easy.

Check us out. ;
The URL for the rest of the site is



  1. Thank you for your purchase from my shop on 1000markets. I'm thrilled to be your guinea pig- and glad to hear the purchase process is so easy. Your package shipped today, so hopefully you will have it by the end of the week.

    Your shop is beautiful! You have some gorgeous necklaces, and should you decide to work the dichroic dragonfly pendant into one of your creations, I have no doubt you will take a pretty pendant and make something sensational with it.

    Best wishes, and thanks again!

  2. How do you like 1000markets? I had never heard of it until a few days ago. With so many markets online, how does one know where to shop? :o

  3. Lone Beader, I totally agree there are getting to be so many shops. Every time I turn around I see more.
    1000 Markets is so new,it is hard to say. It really isn't even fully out there yet. I love the philosophy however. They do have some high end products. You might like to look into it.
    I do find it easy to use and since there are no listing fees it has a nice advantage of some of the others.