Friday, November 7, 2008

Chain Maille - Olivia

One of my favorite Chain Maille patterns is Byzantine. Not only is it beautiful on its own but it can be adapted in many ways.

You can change the gauge (thickness of the wire used to make the rings) and you can change the order of the segments. This is one of those changes called "Olivia" The segments are lined up parallel to each other and then connected at the end of the segments. This picture shows the Olivia pattern in 18 gauge.

The next picture shows the same pattern in 16 gauge. (The smaller number gauge is thicker. ie 16 gauge is thicker or bigger than 18 gauge.) I realize it is hard to tell in the picture but there is a big difference. The 18 gauge bracelet is much more delicate and narrower than the 16 gauge. Some day I'll try the pattern in 20 gauge. It should be even more delicate and narrower.
The next picture is a regular Byzantine pattern bracelet (with a dicroic rectangle as focal) Just so you can see what it looks like (in case you haven't seen the pattern before - or in case you call it something else; a common problem with naming Chain Maille. Byzantine is also called Bird Cage, for example)

I'll show some other Byzantine variations in future posts.


  1. I adore the Byzantine weave too and like using the 18G wire best. Would love to see what your 20G efforts will look like.

  2. Byzantine is one of my favorites also. It is such a versatile pattern. I love what you have done with it.

  3. I have never tried chain maille! It is very beautiful! Also, thanks for your comment on my blog today! :D

  4. I really like this pattern, it's really nice. It takes the Byzantine and makes it into something more modern. Well done!