Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Swarovski Crystals

When my son was young, he was an avid reader (still is) He read words that he had never heard pronounced. Once in awhile he would try to use them. He usually knew how to use them, just not always how to pronounce them. My favorite was his use of "ka-hee-kee". It took us long time to figure it out. We maybe even asked him to show us the word written. It was Khaki. Looking at it, he certainly should not have been criticized.

His other pronunciation problem came from hearing a word mispronounced, thanks to Popeye. That was "animal" but Popeye said "am-in-al" He admits that he had a hard time unlearning that one.

Well, in making jewelry, Swarovski is my problem word. At least it was until I asked for help. Now, it isn't easy to tell someone, in writing, how to pronounce a written word. Dictionaries do that but it is their job! I tried the online dictionaries since they will verbally pronounce the word. No luck. Not found.

I tried on the jewelrymaking forum at About.com awhile back. Very helpful group and several people helped me out. The most helpful suggestion was:

"Swore - off - ski" Much like the person who had just had a skiing accident and had sworn off skis. I still have trouble with it rolling off my tongue but if I slow down, "Swore - off - ski" works for me.
However it is pronounced, Swarovski crystals make beautiful bracelets.


  1. swore-off-ski is cute :-) but i guess that's how it is really pronounced. difficult word it is!

  2. I love Swarovki crystals, and I love your post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Well, I'm not "sworn-off" those crystals! The clear Swarovskis are my favourites.