Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Organizing Beads

It seems lately every time I want something that I know that I have, I can't find it. I seem to waste a lot of time just looking. It is very upsetting and/or embarrassing!

For example, a friend gave me a set of pearls that she had purchased. The request was to add spacers and change the clasp. The pearls were too tight and didn't drape well. There were two necklaces and a bracelet. Very simple request. I started with the bracelet. Now bracelets are length specific and by adding the spacers, I changed the length. So, I needed to have her try it on before I crimped.
Suddenly, I could not find the bracelet. So, I continued with the necklaces until I finally had to confess that I had misplaced the bracelet because no matter how hard I looked, I could not find that bracelet! I sent her an email and she nicely said "Not to worry. It will show up". Still, the bracelet was missing. I felt terrible and secretly hoped it had not ended up in the trash by accident.

Well, one day it got cold outside and the heat came on. This necessitated removing items that had been placed on the radiators. Lo and behold, in a tin on the radiator near my work table, was the bracelet, in the tin. Invisible to the quick look. So, all is well that ends well but my organization problem (and loosing things) still remains.

The next part of the solution is to go through all my drawers with supplies and all the little baskets I have stashed items and get ORGANIZED.

My organization plan was not bad. I had silver in divided boxes, all in plastic bags, gemstones in other divided boxes and so forth. But when I was finished with a bead or finding, I didn't put them back where they belonged. Plus, while looking through my drawers, I found some items that I had forgotten about.

There is a jewelry show this weekend and I AM NOT GOING! I really need to continue organizing what I have. Then start making pieces with what I have. I know I'll need a few items to fill in but I bet I can go along time before I need more "stuff" - at least the main focus of the piece. You see, when I go to jewelry shows, I see really nice beads but do not always follow through with the plan before I'm on to something else. Sometimes the beads are so beautiful, I just say "I'll find something to do with them" Well, times up! I need to do something with what I have.

Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?



  1. Had to laugh, because your post describes me well. I often tell my girls, "I'm not buying any more beads until I use what I have". But then, I need a clasp or something, and I end up seeing and buying more beads. Oh well. Next time, I won't buy anymore beads!

  2. I finally organized my seed beads earlier this year, and my system is working for me! You can see the post HERE. Hope you figure out a way that works for you!! :D

  3. I'm always organising my stuff and my work table. It doesn't take long for the table to get messy again so the process is continuing. I use all sorts of things to organise my beads but my favourite are the clear screw on stacked round containers as you can see what's inside.