Monday, July 29, 2013

Spiro Pendant

Spiro Pendant
a new design
Remember the picture I asked about last week? Did you figure out what it might be?
I know it is hard to see so I took a closer picture.

Doesn't help much, I suppose.
I subscribe to lots of jewelry related newsletters. One caught my eye the other day. It was from Beaducation and featured a Spiro Pendant. They even had a video on how to make it.
So, I ordered the required material and followed the video instructions. Here is the results:

After wrapping the wire around the notched washer and Swarovski Rivoli crystal and fastening the ends, I added a jump ring and a chain. Voila a "Spiro Pendant"
This is a Bermuda Blue Swarovski Rivoli crystal. They come in lots of colors. This pendant will just be a sample as I am still perfecting the method. But I will be able to make it in any of the Swarovski Rivoli crystal colors. If you are interested, I'll show you what all those colors look like. Still working on pricing but I'm guessing $35- $45. All depends on availability and wholesale price.
Oh, yes, the pendant is about 1 inch in diameter.

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