Monday, August 5, 2013

Spiro Pendant Revisited

Spiro Pendant
It is not unusual for me to get the comment
"Oh, it looks better in person than in your newsletter picture" from people I see while wearing a piece featured in a recent post.
However, this week the comment I got most was "It is smaller than I thought" or "My, it really looks different"
I know that pictures can never really give an accurate look at my jewelry pieces. No matter how hard I try.

The "close up" Bermuda Blue AB
The pendant is 1 inch in diameter
Shown hanging on a silver chain.
I don't know about you but sometimes all the "verbiage" used to describe something is never enough. So thinking of how I could possibly get the look across, I thought about a picture of the pendant being worn. It is shown on a 20 inch silver chain. Of course, it can be on a 16, or 18 inch chain it you prefer.

Not sure if it helps but I'm trying. Am I succeeding any at all?  Bev, you are or are not succeeding.
Let me know - click on the link above
My other problem is the explaining the color of the crystals available. This is a Bermuda Blue AB Swarovski Rivoli crystal. While it has blue in in, I'm  not sure it is what I would really recognize as Bermuda Blue. Remember the AB or aurora borealis changes the look. I like to think of it as an oil slick in color. Changes with movement or light change. I have to learn more about the AB effect.
I've ordered some different colors (2 each) Golden Shadow, Heliotrope, Aqua AB and Vitrail medium.
My personal favorites would be the Heliotrope and the Vitrail. Do you have a favorite?
To help me out please let me know if this post has helped to explain this piece any better.

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