Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trouble, Trouble, Toil and Spiral

Trouble, Trouble, Toil and Spiral
(more playing with wire)
Last week I shared my attempt at learning wire work in my post  Playing with Wire. Trying to use some of what I learned, I settled on the spiral.  I think I can make a spiral in my sleep now. A friend in my South Shore Designer's group, Ann Spano, made a beautiful Egyptian Spiral bracelet awhile ago. It is amazing and I thought I might give it a go since I'm getting fairly good at making spirals.
I found a picture of a similar bracelet on the Kaboodle website so you can see the pattern.
So, I watched a few You Tube videos for some specific instruction. I picked up a few tips and started cutting wire lengths. I quickly learned the first basic requirement. You need to be very consistent and accurate in your construction. (I admit that consistency is not always my strong suit). I made, maybe, about 8 coils (2 wide) and put them together. Yuck! Nothing laid straight or looked like that picture. Fussing with the bends and spirals only made things worse.
So, on to plan B until I can learn the consistency needed. It seemed that I could get 3 together OK, so plan B is to make earrings. That turned out to be hard enough.

Here are the resulting earrings in gold plate. Not bad.
Then I decided to make them a bit fancier by changing the design a bit and making each layer smaller than the layer above. I tried it in gold plate and then in antique bronze.

I think the Antique Bronze came out the best both in the way the layers hang and in the size of each layer. You can see the gold plate ones are not hanging straight. :-(
I'm still working on my skills and learning to work with wire. Right now, however, I think I've made enough spirals for at least a few days. (I did not show you all the spirals I've made recently to practice. Remember I did mention I thought I could make them in my sleep.) I don't think making more right now will result in anything better. If I go away from them for awhile, and let the process percolate, I think I'll gather more ideas and do better. Also, I plan on calling  my friend Ann to see what suggestions she might have. It is great to have friends like Ann. I have along way to go to catch up with her on wire/metal work but it is fun trying.
Summer time....

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