Monday, July 1, 2013

Playing with Wire

Playing with Wire
(just getting started)
I've always wanted to learn how to use wire correctly in jewelry making. You have seen my wire wrapped pendants. (Still trying to perfect that skill)
Rena Klingenberg recently has offered a video class "Learn How to Make Wire Jewelry".
I've been watching and learning. It is great to be able to stop and start again when something is not clear. (I've worn out that feature)
After practicing a few things, I made one of her rings. (Finger rings not chain maille rings - I feel I need to make that distinction)
I like this one best.
The next thing I tried was a pair earrings. I was especially interested in this one as she showed how to make each one the same. Not an easy task I've quickly found out!!!
Here is another picture of the same earrings. My photography skills are being tested again but I'm in a hurry.
As I mentioned, it is important to practice and here are some of my practice pieces. There is a lesson in each piece.  :-) Can you see that each one is different?

These, also, show how hard it is to get two pieces the same. Each one was made doing the same thing.

If on different ears, these might make a pair of earrings. I like the looks of the design. I can turn one around to be a mirror image.
I need to practice and use the method from Rena for making earrings the same as shown above. It isn't easy sometimes, however. but as is said, "Practice, practice, practice"
I was most impressed with the section in the video series of how to make your own designs using what was taught in the class. I woke up this morning with an idea that I was anxious to try. (I do my best thinking just before I wake up). Well, I tried the idea and struck out on the first part of my plan. Using a bead on the wire. I know it can be done and I'll keep trying but I just don't have any beads with holes that fit the wire I have on hand. That is what keeps Bead Stores in business!
I'll keep trying and probably have some more for "Show and Tell" next week.

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