Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trinity Pendant - More Colors

Trinity Pendant
More colors
A few weeks ago I introduced the Trinity Pendant. At the time I only had one color, Red. Since then I have been able to find more colors.
I found a medium blue, green (for the Irish) and purple. 
Do you have a favorite color?

I also ordered a mixture of colors so, I can also make others, too. There is a gold, yellow and some other pretty colors that I can't put a name to.  I also can make some matching earrings but have not made them yet.
I've added the new colors to the website. Click on the pictures or here for more information
Here is a little test for you. Can you see a difference between the red pendant and the new colors? If you can see the difference let me know and I'll give you a discount on the purchase of a Trinity Pendant. I'll also explain why there is a difference. If you've taken any of my chain maille classes you might understand why there had to be a difference.


  1. Hm, I think those colored rings have a different AR than the red ones, but not sure. Hard to tell by the pics.

  2. Kokopelli, yes the AR of the colored rings is different. The difference is in the thickness/gauge of the colored rings. The newer color ring are a bit thicker and I could only get one ring in and not two. I need to get out my calipers to see how much difference. They eyes can't see it unless they are right next to each other.
    Good catch from a good chain mailler.