Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jewelry Making on Vacation

Jewelry Making
on Vacation
We just returned from a 4 days of camping. The weather in MA was hot and the Cape is always a good place to be when it is hot. We were lucky to have a great breeze and we enjoyed just hanging out.
But soon, I wanted "something to do".
I had packed a few jewelry things to do. I had ordered and received, just before we left, some materials to make a "Survival Bracelet".  I decided to start with the kit I brought along. Now, this was a new technique for me. It is basically macrame. Following the not so clear directions, I muddled through until I learned how to do the "Cobra Knot"
I discovered that sometimes following directions can be harder that just doing it. So, as I often do, I made up my own "directions". When I came home I found some YouTube Videos on the subject and found that many had made the same discovery.  ;-)
I'm still working on the finish as this bracelet came apart after I thought I had finished it. Oh, well, not the first time I've struck out on the first try. I have a second kit that I can work on and see if I can get this "finishing" thing down.
Well, still needing some thing to do, I got out the card of hemp cords I brought in my bag of projects. So, question: What can you do with a card of hemp cords? Last week I showed a Kumihimo bracelet made with these hemp cords but with my new macrame skill, I tried something else. I know this can be jazzed up with adding beads. The well known "Shamballa" bracelets use this technique, so that will be next on my list.
These bracelets go together rather quickly and I was able to make one in each color. I have to work on the ends by adding some beads to make a "clasp" as the knot end does not stay very well plus it would look nicer (I think)
I need to try different cords too as the hemp cords are a bit rustic looking. Maybe some silk cords?
Here is a close up though I know it is still hard to see. You can see the Cobra pattern a little better in the green bracelet. Look at the "Survival Bracelet" picture to clearly see the Cobra pattern.
It is always fun to learn new things and experiment even while relaxing while on vacation. However, I think I'll soon be back at my more traditional techniques.
Until  next week,

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  1. I wanted to make a survival bracelet like that for long. So let's see if I have some cord on hand or have to buy some. Shouldn't be difficult in a hardware store.