Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Silver Pendants

New Silver Pendants
I've been working on some new Silver Pendants. They vary in size, number of jump rings required and just designs. You have already seen the "Star Pendant". It has been quite popular. It is about 3/4 inch in size. (This is the smallest in actual size - the picture is a close up)
I wanted to make one a bit bigger just for a choice. Then I found this pattern called a Celtic Star. It is about one inch in size.
(The pictures make the sizes deceiving, this one is the largest of the three)

On a roll, I made one from one of my favorite chain maille pattern, Byzantine. For interest, I added a blue cat eye bead. This one could be easily changed by changing the bead. For example you could have Swarovski beads, round and bicone, in Birthstone colors or what ever you would like. This design has lots of possibilities. (This is a little less than one inch over all).
Do you have a favorite? For me, it depends on my current outfit. I like them all.
All are now available on the website. Click on the pictures or here to see.


  1. These Pendants can made in a variety of styles and designs..Silver pendant would also make a wonderful gift for any occasion..and it was nice visiting here..thanks for sharing this post..:-)
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    1. Thanks for your nice comment. I like your rings very much. Very unique.