Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finding Things

Finding Things
(Lots of Luck!)
I have a habit, when I can't find something, of "cleaning". When I start doing that, if I find what I'm looking for, I can stop cleaning   ;-)
When you make jewelry, you have LOTS of little  things and it is very easy to lose some of them. They can, also, "hide" in plain sight.
Now think of a chain maille jump ring.
Even if you find a stray jump ring, the hunt is not over. Mostly because it is almost impossible to find the size you were looking for. I have a tin of smaller jump rings. They are mostly 20 and 22 gauge and inside diameters of  1.5mm to about 5.00mm. Yes, very  small!
I keep the tin in a sealed plastic bag. Reason for the plastic bag: I dropped a similar container with 6 mm crystals on the floor once. Youngest grandson helped me pick them up but I had to sort them. Sorting those small rings into the proper tins would give you fits. So, I try not to get into that kind of a situation.
Most of the jump rings I find on the floor are larger but still hard to match up with their mates. I have a pile of odd sizes waiting to be matched. I'll probably sort them out some day,  when I can't find what I want.
Anyhow, my recent cleaning led me to all my little plastic bags. Oh, there are many different size plastic bags! Most of them contained rings, beads etc. from my purchases. Some 2 inches by 2 inches and some larger. You really don't need big bags to hold beads.
Now I have one big bag of lots of plastic bags, sorted by size. Would you believe it? I'm not sure I do. But my desk looks much neater.
Unfortunately, I have not, yet, found what I started looking for. Actually, two things. I recently made a Kumihimo bracelet from hemp. I now want to make something else with the remaining cords - but they are MIA so far.
I am also looking for a small clip I use to start a particular chain maille pattern. The pattern is easy but starting is very hard with out the "trick" of using this clip.
I have a small bag full of these clips. This type are very hard to find. They make clips that are much fancier than these. They are small and boy, can they hide.
So, the cleaning continues. When I find what I'm looking for, I can stop cleaning and make a new hemp bracelet and a half Persian chain maille bracelet. No use in starting with out the clip!
I did recently make a new Magatama Kumihimo bracelet. More fall colors but nice none the less.
Until  next week,


  1. I guess you're talking about Half Persian. So you better continue cleaning and find this clip. My problem was the other way round. I cleaned my studio a few weeks ago and now I can't find things, as they are in the right place. Weird, isn't it?

  2. I have that clip SOMEWHERE also ! You gave me one when you taught me the half persian chainmailled bracelet. If I find my clip before you find yours I will send it over. I am constantly organizing and reorganizing so i can find things, which never really helps for very long. I keep rebuying the same things over and over because the disappear ! It must be the dogs who take and hide my bead supplys! good luck ! lol