Monday, August 6, 2012

Balloon Rally

 Balloon Rally
This coming weekend is the annual Pittsfield, NH Hot Air Balloon Rally.
For those of you who have been receiving these posts for awhile you have heard about this before.
If you click on the picture you can see a slide show of the 29th Rally.
As always, we hope for good weather which means more than no rain. No storms in the larger area, not too much wind etc.
I hope you enjoy the video of the balloons.
I finally think I have gotten better at finishing the Survival bracelet that I showed last week. (I was going to say "Mastered" but that might be a mistake)
I made another one for my 7 year old grandson. It fits well (his purchased one was too small).
The color is very cool, he thinks.
Which brings me to a question I have for all of you. Do you know anyone who would like bracelets like this? The cord comes in lots of colors. Woodland camo, desert camo, blue, red, white, black and on and on.
I would appreciate any comments. Even if to say "no". Click below:
Let me know and thank you.
Until next week,

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