Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Twist and Curve Pendant

Twist and Curve Pendant

Several years ago, I tried various ways to make something similar to this pendant. I took a class in PMC (precious metal clay) and tried to make something like this. You can make many different styles of items just by molding the PMC just as with regular clay. Then you need to fire the pieces in a kiln. I have several friends with kilns and I could use them but it still could come up with a pleasing design.
Then last week, I featured some of the new Twist and Curve earrings and mentioned how I love it when designs just seem to "come together". If you look at the way the wires lay in relation to each other, you can see the Fish design. Just sitting in my chair (I should call it my thinking chair) the Fish appeared in my mind. Then I figured how to easily add the loop and voila here is the design I'd been working on for a long time. (Just like an "overnight success")

I twisted a piece of wire, made the loop and bent it around the round tin I use as a mold and hammered it to harden the wire and get the pieces to stay put.
It still needs some tweeking and I'll probably need to make several more before I'm happy with this design. But I really love it. Just add a nice silver chain and wear. I wore it to a Birthday party on Saturday and got some nice compliments.
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